Mediation North West offers cost-effective and responsive Family Mediation Services in the North-West region - a list of locations for Family Mediation can be seen by clicking the link on the right. We are very friendly and approachable - so do contact us with the link on the right to discuss your needs or ask any questions.

What can Mediation North West offer to You?

Courts should be the last resort for people involved in family or civil disputes unless there are issues around urgency and safety, eg in relation to child abuse or domestic violence.

Mediation, in particular, can be a flexible, speedy and cost effective way to resolve disputes. It is a confidential process that enables both parties to explain and then discuss what their needs and concerns are to each other in the presence of an independent third party – the mediator – so that they reach an agreement between themselves.

The individuals concerned have greater control and responsibility in resolving disagreements than if they went to court. Mediation empowers parties to control the length of the process, the issues they would like to discuss, and the outcome. Mediation can also be less stressful, particularly for any children involved, and in the long run, can be cheaper than going to court.

Mediation is recognised by the Ministry of Justice as an alternative to Court Proceedings; this site draws on material provided on their website.